Respectapole Mom's

6-Week Pole Fitness Coaching Program

  • Ready to finally ditch the Mom jeans and get back into your sexy Skinny jeans?
  • Ready to see why so many women are choosing Pole fitness as their workout of choice?
  • Ready to finally shed those unwanted pounds you gained during your pregnancy and get back to looking and feeling like yourself again?
  • Tried working out at the gym and not knowing which machines to use?
  • Purchased a jogging stroller with the intention of going for a walk?
  • Bought a waist trainer desperate to get rid of the "Mommy Tummy"?
  • Felt guilty for wanting some "Me-Time" to work on your health and fitness?
  • Bought a Fitness Watch to track your steps and haven't used it?

Answered Yes?

Join the Respectapole

Mom's Pole Fitness Coaching Program!


This is an Online Pole Fitness Program that you can do right from the comfort of your own home. Get your blood pumping and burn calories with easy to follow pole dance workouts that change every day. Helping you to tone your muscles, lose weight while feeling sexy at the same time!


Receive a 6-Week Nutritional Meal Plan & Food Pantry Clean Out List with Healthy and Flavorful Recipes to help you maximize your results, fight cravings, and keep you on track.


You will receive weekly LIVE zoom coaching calls to help hold you accountable and stay on track so that you reach your goals.

Meet Jessica

Hello Mama, my name is Jessica Ruffin! I am CEO, Founder, and Owner-operator of Respectapole Dance Fitness Studio, for 13 years. I am a certified Group & Pole Fitness Instructor and a Mother of 3. I have a 4-year-old son, and I'm a new Mom to 2 teenage children from my recent marriage in July 2023, I am also the wife of a Police Officer.

I created the Respectapole Mom's Pole Fitness Coaching Program during the start of the pandemic, an Online Pole fitness platform to allow Moms the ability to prioritize their health and fitness while allowing them to stay home and keep their families safe.

Over the course of 13 years, I have taught over 10K women the art of pole fitness and ready to help you as well! If you are tired of workout routines that are not working for you or have become boring and mundane, join us in starting your Pole Fitness Journey!

Watch the video below to learn more about the program then, let's set up a call to discuss what your weight loss goals are, what your fitness journey looks like for you, and to discuss the 3 things that you are currently doing that could be sabotaging your weight loss goals. I would love to show you how my Mom's Pole Fitness program can help you!


I am looking for 10-15 Mom's who either have an infant or toddler and are ready to finally Ditch the Mom jeans and get back into their skinny jeans. Over the course of 6 weeks I will work directly with you to help you lose the last 10-20lbs of unwanted weight that you gained during your pregnancy. I will not let you fail. Here's what you will get:

Pole Fitness App

This is a home based program. You will be able to workout any time of the day that you like using our Pole Fitness App with easy to follow tutorials that you do right from the comfort of your own home.

45MM Stainless Steel Pole

You will receive our 45MM Stainless Steel Chrome Professional Pole for your Home. Our poles are 100% removable and holds up to 400lbs. Can be used on carpet & hardwood floors. Easy Setup. No Drills. No Handyman needed

Free Carrying Case

You will also receive a Respectapole Carrying Case for your pole which will allow you to store the pole when not in use or take with you on vacation or travel so that you don't miss your workouts.

Nutritional Guide &

6-Week Meal Plan

You will receive a 6 -Week Meal Plan that will tell you exactly what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner including snacks to help you fight craving and lose weight.

Weekly LIVE Coaching Calls

You will receive weekly Live coaching calls to help hold you accountable and to ensure you're doing the moves correctly.


You're never alone when you're part of the Mom's Pole Fitness Challenge. You will also have access to our Community of like-minded Moms who have already been through the program and currently going through the program to help hold you accountable and to share Mom tips.

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